Monday, July 04, 2011

Action Alert Update USTOGAZA! "8 Americans detained at U.S. embassy gates, Athens, Greece"

He informed RFK listeners
before booking passage to Athens, Greece and war torn Gaza
Distinguished Radio Free Kansas guest, Ray McGovern, 3 July 2011, in front of the closed gates to the U. S. embassy, Athens, Greece. He along with seven other hunger strikers were temporarily detained for protesting the arrest and detention of Captain John Klusmire, U. S. boat "The Audacity of Hope."

The boat, part of the freedom flotilla to Gaza, is held at a military dock after a Greek commando squad forced it to return to port. Two of the ten boat flotilla have had their propeller shafts cut in mysterious acts of sabotage. Captain Klusmire and crew left harbor with passengers on board to escape another possible act of sabotage against their boat.

He traveled through Kansas to rendezvous with passengers of the U.S. boat "The Audacity of Hope."
Retired Major Ken Mayers USMCR also attended and participated in the hunger fast and protest in front of the gates of the Athens U. S. embassy.

Mayers attended the June 4th rally and march outside the gates of Ft. Leavenworth, Ks. to "Free Bradley Manning."

Private Bradley Manning, U. S. Army, has been held in detention under what critics describe as cruel conditions for over one year without criminal charges filed. He was recently transferred from Quantico, Virginia to Ft. Leavenworth accused of participating in the leaking of over 250,000 documents to Wikileaks.

From the most recent announced "Action Alert":
Throughout this country people have responded to our call to contact the U.S. State Department to demand that they take the steps necessary to ensure that the Greek authorities immediately release the captain and let our boat sail to Gaza. In fact, there has been such a strong response that we are hearing their voice mailboxes are full! That's great, but of course frustrating for those of you trying to make those calls.

Here are some other phone numbers and email addresses to try:

  • State Department general number: 202-647-4000 - ask for the Overseas U.S. Citizen Services Duty Officer and you'll get a live State Dept. official who has to hear you out.
  • The voicemail for Kim Richter - also at the State Dept. - says she's out of the office for several days, and that callers with urgent issues should contact a colleague at 202-647-4578.
  • If you can place an international phone call, the number for the U.S. Embassy in Athens is 011-30-210-721-2951.

Please also try to call, fax or email your members of Congress as well.

Kansas readers are asked to tell their congressional delegates to follow Sen. Pat Roberts recent advice to President Obama and "take a Valium" and keep the Israel Defense Forces off these non-violent peoples' backs.

To follow updates, view videos, additional photographs and sign-up to receive up-to-the minute alerts go to USTOGAZA.

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