Saturday, June 25, 2011

RFK "Saturday High Noon" - Sam Pizzagati, Editor "Too Much Online Newsweekly""

Today for our June 25, 2011 episode of "Saturday High Noon" two special guests to discuss how we can better educate ourselves and others about moving toward a fair and better economy.

First from Fair Economy, Karen Kraut who reports on her and economists work analyzing how best to fix state government tax revenue streams. She focuses on Kansas, using her computer model, but each state has a complete data base available at "Flip It to Fix It: located at the Fair Economy site. Our recorded conversation lasts just over 30 minutes.

Then live beginning at the top of the second hour, Editor Sam Pizzigati of the important Too Much Online Newsletter. His newsletter is free for signing on and each week analyzes the ultra-wealthy; how they escape paying taxes, their outrageous life-styles and corrupting influences in government. You will enjoy hearing Sam talk, and callers are welcome during the last hour.

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