Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Real News Network, Tonight Live!

Dear Members and Viewers,

We've crossed the 100K mark and are closing in on our goal of 200K! The webathon begins at 8pm EST tonight. Tune in to hear from some of your favorite Real News guests.

But tonight is all about you. We want to hear what you think of our coverage, and what you’d like to ask Paul Jay. So have your questions ready! Call in at 1 888 816 8867 anytime after 8pm EST. Right now, and during the event, you can Tweet your questions to @therealnews, post them on our facebook page, or email them to

Watch the event here Live Event

Remember, every penny you donate up to 200K will be matched by a generous donor. To take full advantage of this generous matching offer, donate before Wednesday June 8th.

Wednesday night we will feature Real News journalists Lia Tarachansky from Tel Aviv, Jesse Freeston from Honduras and David Dogherty from Madison Wisconsin. Call in tomorrow evening to speak to them about their outstanding coverage.

To our monthly donors: to increase your monthly amount, call us at 416-995-9120 or email and we will call you.

If you contribute $10 a month for at least a year, or $100 in a single gift, we’ll send you our new t-shirt or a DVD documentary film as a thank you gift. In the US and Canada, the donations are tax deductible.

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