Thursday, June 02, 2011

Jesse Freeston: "VIDEO REPORT: My Latest from Honduras "Massive Turnout for Zelaya Launches New Chapter of Honduran Struggle" The Real News Network

Mr. Freeston comments: "This was without a doubt the largest gathering of people that I've ever been in. Hundreds of thousands waiting for overthrown President Manuel Zelaya. People see Zelaya's return from forced exile as a huge victory for a resistance movement that has been fighting for over 23 months. But what now?"

Massive Turnout for Zelaya Launches New Chapter of Honduran Struggle
'Largest gathering in Honduran history' marks deposed leader's return, but where to now for Honduran resistance movement?
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I put out another piece with some more context on Saturday. You can check it out here:

Two Years After Coup, Overthrown President Returning to Honduras
Former President Manuel Zelaya Returns to Honduras as an ex-President, but 23 months after the military coup, what kind of Honduras will he return to?
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Also my compaƱera-in-video and friend-to-the-end Lia Tarachansky has been putting out a series of dramatic and insightful videos from Israel/Palestine. Check out them here:

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