Friday, June 24, 2011

Adam Clark Estes: "Anonymous's and LulzSec's Overlapping, F.B.I.'s Thwarting Past" @ The Atlantic Wire

[Mr. Estes could use a better headline editor.)

Cyber-Info Activist Groups Gather for Weekend Dox Dump!

Big Shot Webmasters Owned, "Private Intelligence" Jocks Junke

By Michael Caddell

The corporate whores at various web sites finally got bitch slapped by a flourishing cyber movement that cannot be stopped by Blackwater-type "security" hacks, or the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the world.

In a few short weeks the Anonymous open information activist movement have wrecked havoc and in many cases, brought comedic entertainment for fans on even those sworn to protect intellectual property "rights."

Leave it to the glossy tech magazine writers to speculate where the next "attack" will come, or gesticulate their horror as their corporate advertisers are stripped naked in cyberspace. Let world law enforcement agencies reel as the public learns that the emperors cyber entities stand stark buck naked.

Finally emerges a youthful movement that cannot be herded into "free speech zones" at tired demonstrations in the streets, or forced to defend with lethal force and physical property destruction attacks from the armed forces representing the established order.

Finally the youth, like flowers blooming through the cracks in asphalt are able to express the profound utter disgust hundreds of millions worldwide share at banker-induced "austerity" economic programs, endless wars of empires, a swamp of disinformation "news" on global extreme climate changes and most importantly, a large population of old fat-ass spoiled sheep.

Read Mr. Estes' most recent article about this movement, with a critical eye, at The Atlantic Wire.

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