Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pablo Ouziel: "Spanish Protests Lose Their Way" @ Consortium News

... I have personally camped in the city squares and listened to the proposals made by the committees that have hijacked the movement.

What started as a call for electoral reform and the punishing of political and economic corruption – a call that indeed attracted thousands of people to the city squares – has quickly metamorphosed into some kind of Bolshevik-like political project led by the country’s squatter movement.

Although to those observing from the outside the calls for nonviolence and participatory democracy coming from the microphones of the committees seem to point to a truly revolutionary change, a close look from within the squares reveals that those calls are as empty as the calls for change we are used to hearing from the country’s politicians.

It is my opinion that this hijacking of a truly democratic uprising – inspired by a general indignation and glued together through solidarity – has already caused great damage to this spontaneous call for change. ...

Read more of the latest at Consortium News.

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Anonymous said...

Pablo Ouziel is, I think, blaming the mostly anarchist Squatters movement for a reaction from Spain's conservative voters. Probably true that the uprising caused the reactionary vote but does he have a hardon for anarchists that facilitates his search for someone to blame for a vote that didn't please him?