Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Internet rules at centre of 'e-G8' forum in Paris

It starts with copyright and child porn but eventually the economic powers will find the need to protect "us" from "terrorists". Sure, I'm a bit paranoid, but I'm also a realist who sees how those with power protect themselves and their realms. Eventually any expression of anti-capitalism, anti-corporatism, anarchy, etc will likely be deemed terroristic therefore unlawful and banned from the internet. Call me a conspiracy theorist? Look around!

"Sarkozy said he faced mistrust over his push for the "e-G8" when Japan's earthquake, fiscal troubles in Europe, and the Arab world revolutions are likely to dominate the G-8 summit in Deauville on Thursday and Friday. Conflicting visions about the Internet -- notably about how regulated it should be -- has pitted companies such as and Google against governments about how to protect privacy and copyrights online."

"Britain last year joined France by announcing it would cut off Internet access to people who illegally download copyright-protected material. The French government has so far issued only warnings under the "three strikes" formula for possible penalties."

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