Sunday, May 22, 2011

FCC commissioner's move to Comcast shows the revolving door is still spinning

Little by little the government/corporate team in Washington will gain complete control of the Internet. The one real means of mass communication left to ordinary people is too much a threat to their goal of complete control of the populace to allow it to continue as unfettered as it is today. Even though they tout its effectiveness as a revolutionary tool in places like Egypt or Tunisia they are totally aware of the dangers it imposes upon their manipulation of American citizens. This story illustrates one example of corporate influence over the telecommunications industry but the pattern runs throughout the government, granting all industry ever growing control of government influence over their business.

"The system is fundamentally flawed," says Andrew Schwartzman, policy director of the Washington-based Media Access Project. Thanks to the revolving door, "People attain expertise which is extremely valuable to the regulated companies and turn around and make that expertise available to them at the expense of the public."

The incredible speed with which Baker is transforming herself from federal regulator back into corporate lobbyist underscores why regulation in Washington has become such a spavined, toothless beast.

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