Thursday, April 07, 2011

Too Much Weekly, April 4th, 2011


Dr. Jeffrey Ritterman, the chief of cardiology at Northern California’s Kaiser Richmond Medical Center, is going down a road that’s going to give somebody heart failure. A corporate chief executive maybe. Or a hedge fund billionaire.

Dr. Ritterman has an editorial in the new April issue of the American Journal of Medicine. America’s physicians could “greatly improve” our nation’s health, his editorial powerfully emphasizes, “by advocating and working toward a fairer distribution of wealth and income.”

The good doctor from California understands what our nation’s political leaders in Washington do not: that widening economic gaps are shredding the social fabric that shields us from disease and dysfunction, deforming our social environment into an ever more stressful “Hobbesian struggle of all against all.”

The “winners” in that struggle? This week, in Too Much, we look at two new shocking scorecards, on CEO pay and hedge fund manager compensation. ...

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