Monday, April 18, 2011

A special message from retired Senior CIA Analyst Ray McGovern @ Discomfit Magazine


" ... Those of you familiar with what Mel Goodman and I have written out of our direct experience with President Reagan’s CIA Director, William Casey, and his protégé Robert Gates know that the two did a good job of corrupting substantive analysis by politicizing it.

The way you politicize an analysis division is a little like ethnic cleansing. You keep ratcheting up the pressure on your targets until they leave.

First, you push honest managers like Mel Goodman to write that the Soviets are the main force behind international terrorism. Then you try to get the analysts to report a Russian under every rock in Nicaragua.

When managers with a conscience, like Mel, refuse to comply, you replace them with malleable careerists, like John McLaughlin and Robert Walpole, who will. And those personnel changes have real consequences. ...

[Continue reading McGovern's latest at Discomfit Magazine.]

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