Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mike Hendricks: "Fundraisers, taxpayers help Kline face legal challenges" @ The Kansas City Star

Former Kansas A. G. Phill Kline's latest snickering shenanigan has local reporters digging through the expensive aftermath of his onerous campaign to destroy Kansas doctors who provided abortions .... Kansas taxpayers are footing his legal bills while "pro-life" pro-war nut cases are shoveling money into his pockets.


" ... After all, as host David Bereit explained at least three times, the goal was to raise funds to “help support Phill’s legal battle.”

Bereit, head of the anti-abortion group 40 Days of Life, didn’t spell out which legal battle. But the focus of that night’s webcast was the ethics case that was to begin the very next week.

Guests on the show claimed Kline was being persecuted by, as U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp put it, a “corrupt” court system at odds with Kline’s pursuit of abortion providers.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said that the charges against Kline “are a real stretch” and that the state disciplinary administrator was “basically seeking to punish Phill for doing his job.”

Bereit pleaded with listeners to donate enough cash to match an anonymous donor’s $50,000 challenge grant.

A couple of weeks later, webcast listeners got an email that said, “YOU DID IT!!” and announced that $133,543 had been raised.

Maybe you’re thinking the same thing I was after reading the Topeka newspaper account. If Kansas taxpayers are footing the bill for Kline’s defense on the ethics charges, then what was the real purpose of the fundraiser? ... "

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