Saturday, April 30, 2011

Marc Ames & Yasha Levine: "Did You Fall For It? Outrage over TSA 'Porn Scanners' Right Wing PR to Prevent Unions" @ eXiled Online

And don't miss Yasha Levine's latest at eXiled Online, "Groundbreaking Right-wing Research Yields the Tea Bagger Oil Theory." Yasha's a repeat offender on Radio Free Kansas, we gotta love him.

Yes sir! Those damn liberals! Clearly, the skyrocketing price oil is all about over-regulation, over-taxation and lack of offshore oil drilling.

And anyone who tells you otherwise—especially if they blame it on rampant oil speculation or try to prove that domestic oil production peaked under Nixon—is giving himself away as a dangerous subversive Islamofascist, who should immediately be reported to the nearest Cato Institute, Americans for Prosperity or Heritage Foundation branch.

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