Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ray McGovern: "How to Read Gates's Shift on the Wars" @ Consortium News

Recovering from his wounds inflicted by cops who double handcuffed him as he silently stood in protest while Sec. of State Hillary Clinton was spouting platitudes ... Mr. McGovern was on BBC World News radio last night ... I nearly rolled out of bed hearing his voice in my ear buds. Read the analytical side of him.

.. However, those of us who have known Gates for many years, including some of us old colleagues from his CIA days, couldn’t help but wonder what he was up to, what was the ulterior motive behind his decision to put distance between himself and these two misbegotten wars.

The Bob Gates we knew was a bright and brightly ambitious careerist whose greatest skill might have been to sense quickly where the prevailing winds of power were blowing and position himself accordingly. He was the consummate windsock.

So, having overseen the two wars for more than four years now, was Gates signaling that he knew the conflicts would come to no good end and thus was he creating a public record for himself as something of a war skeptic?

Was he preparing for his next career move, an elevation to a Washington “wise man” to be consulted by presidents and other important personages in his later years while being named to prestigious commissions?

What was Gates thinking?...

[Read more insider intel on Sec. of Defense Robert Gates at Consortium News.]

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