Thursday, March 03, 2011

"Anonymous Supports Change, Demands Freedom" @ AnonNews, Everything Anonymous

... Anonymous fully supports them in their fight.

The first protests in Iran in 2009 were a test of Twitter and Facebook. They did not succeed, but they showed us what was possible. They demonstrated that the rules have changed, and we need to learn to play them to our advantage.

Tunisia was fast, surprisingly fast. We combined social media, video, microblogging, direct communication, crowdsourced translation, street protests, human rights organizations, document leaks, mapping. It all helped. And we learned from our mistakes.

Egypt was triumphant for the same reasons. It was a harder task, yet the regime fell, because more people were watching, because more people were involved, and more people were aware of the tools and how to use them. Most importantly, the citizens of Egypt refused to remain silent and afraid. And we did not let them fight alone.

Today our eyes are turned toward Libya. Forty-two years of dictatorship is vanishing with the help of millions of people working together. Events that years ago would have received passing mention in a newspaper article are now broadcast instantaneously around the world, translated into every language, and delivered directly to those who can help. ...

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